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Any UKPCA card can be verified using the Verification Hotline 0870 837 6477, ask the cardholder for their PIN or password and give it to the operator with the card serial number.

For a complete card check use the Verification Hotline, check the card photo, check the UK Press Card Authority hologram, and check the card expiry date.

Enhanced Security

The security of the UK Press Card is enhanced by a number of measures. No card is issued unless the applicant is known to the issuing Gatekeeper organisation or their representative, such as an agency principal, an editor or managing editor etc. The applicant has to show official proof of identity and have proof of place of residence, before the application can be submitted.

In addition the UK Press Card has a number of extra security and anti forgery features, which are not made public for obvious reasons but can these can be made available to police if a forgery is suspected.