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Applying for a UK Press Card

1 Obtaining a Press Card

If you think you need a press card in the course of your work and comply with the criteria laid out in the rules, you will have to apply through one of the Gatekeepers listed HERE. Look through the list and see which Gatekeeper seems the most appropriate and contact them.

2 Renewing a Press Cards

If you need to renew your press card, you should apply through the Gatekeeper who issued the card to you. If you do not remember from whom you got the card, the prefix initials of the card number will give you the initials of the appropriate Gatekeeper organisation.

3 Lost/Stolen Press cards

If you lose your press card or have it stolen, you should report this to the secretary of the UKPCA at the email address below. You then need to re-apply through the Gatekeeper from whom you originally obtained the card. If you cannot remember which Gatekeeper issued your card then you should email the card manufacturer Custom Card Services International (CCSI) with your full name, date of birth and home address to the Secretary at the address below . CCSI will email back the gatekeeper contact address to enable you to request the replacement card.

The Secretary
The UK Press Card Scheme

e-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 01983 298060